Fluoride toxicity problem solution- 10 proven natural ways to protect your health

Discover 10 proven natural ways to protect body against toxic fluoride problem.

This article focuses on how to protect from harmful effects of fluoride naturally. As, mentioned in the earlier article that there are about more then 40 proven diseases associated with fluoride.

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Is fluoride bad for your health?

Eat more Amla as it protects the liver and kidney against fluoride toxicity

Study has shown that Amla( E. officinalis) fruit exhibits antihyperglycemic and hepato-renal protective properties in fluoride induced toxicity.

Drink blackberry juice

Study has shown that Blackberry juice and quercetin together significantly against NaF-induced oxidative stress and histological changes in liver, kidney, testis and brain tissues of rats.

Caffeic acid / coffee supplementation (in moderation, excess of coffee is bad for health in many ways)

Study  has shown that Caffeic acid supplementation has a protective effect against fluoride induced hepatotoxicity(liver toxicity)  in rats.

Include more turmeric and vitamin C in your diet

A study confirmed that Curcumin showed significant nephroprotective (protects the kidney) effects against Sodium Fluoride induced toxicity upon kidneys.

Eat more Star fruit

A study has shown that Fruits of A. carambola are useful as a dietary supplement in regulation of fluoride induced hyperglycemia, hyperlipemia and oxidative stress.

Drink Pomegranate juice

A recent 2016 study has shown that Pomegranate juice could protect against sodium fluoride induced oxidative injury.

Include Spirulina and tamarind in your diet as they protect the kidney against fluoride toxicity naturally

A study has shown that Spirulina and tamarind fruit pulp  has protective role that helps to reduce fluoride toxicity and led to better recovery of treated mice after withdrawal.

Herb supplementation of Ginseng and banaba leaf  protects kidney

Study has shown that Supplementation of ginseng and banaba leaf extracts exhibited protective effects on fluoride toxicated STZ induced nephrotoxicity in mice.

Ayurvedic herb Arjuna supplementation protects heart against fluoride toxicity

A study has confirmed that Terminalia arjuna protects mouse hearts against sodium flouride induced toxicity.

Rutin supplement

Rutin is a bioflavonoid, found in many plants, fruits and vegetables. Buckwheat is the richest source of rutin. Also found in citrus fruits, noni, black tea, apple peel. During digestion much of the rutin is metabolized to its aglycone, quercetin.

Study has shown that treatment with rutin against sodium fluoride intoxication has a significant role in protecting F-induced cardiotoxicity, blood toxicity and dyslipidemia in rats.

Quercetin supplements

Quercetin is a flavonoid, found in in many fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains. A study finding conclude that Quercetin has a protective effect against sodium fluoride induced oxidative stress in rat’s heart.

Natural sources of quercetin are kale, radish leaves, dill, cilantro, fennel leaves, watercress, buckwheat, chokeberry, black plum, sweet potato, sea buckthorn berry, red apples, bilberry, broccoli and more.

Read about other interesting fruits

Acai berry        Ambarella         Avocado           Bael       Banana      Bilberry      Cocunut   

 Cantaloupe        Cashew apple      Dragon Fruit    Durian      Fig      Jack fruit   Jamun      

 Kiwi        Lychee      Malay apple     Mango        Mangosteen       Miracle fruit         Pomelo  

 Papaya     Passion fruit     Phalsa      Pineapple           Plum       Pomegranate       

Prickly pear      Quince       Rambutan           Roselle          Santol          Sapota       

Sea buckthorn       Sour Orange     Soursop           Sweet Lime         Star gooseberry 

Star Apple        Strawberry     Surinam Cherry          Sweet lime        Tamarind       Tomato 

Tree tomato      Wampi       Watermelon         Wood apple

Read about herbs and spices

Allspice          Alfalfa       Ashwagandha        Bay leaf              Black cohosh           

Black onion seeds       Black pepper       Cayenne pepper    Celery          Chives       

 Chamomile        Clove     Coffee senna    Coriander       Curry leaf         Cumin        

Eucalyptus       Fennel            Fenugreek       Garlic      Ginger         Gotu Kola       

Hibiscus         Holy basil    Jasmine     Kava Kava     Lavender     Licorice   

Long pepper    Lotus   Majoram      Marigold     Mugwort     Mustard seeds      

 Neem    Nutmeg       Oregano     Peppermint     Red  clover        Rose       Rosemary           

Sage         Sensitive plant   St.John’s wort        Tarragon        Thyme     Triphala powder        

Turmeric     Vetiver g