Foot reflexology massage to alleviate pain

There is a deep relationship  exist between heel and physical pain. Often people suffering from physical pain have the heel which is dry, white and developed crack. If that is the case in women then her, uterus and abdominal cavity is likely to have a problem?. 
So it is important to exfoliates, carefully massage and moisturize the heel. 
Women often suffer from abdominal pain, heaviness due to the menstrual period. 

Reflexology to overcome physical pain



Use three fingers to find out uterus reflex zone. The uterus reflex is located in the middle of the inside of the ankle and heel. Then, using the middle finger to gently rub to stimulate reflex zones and press the uterus reflex zones.
Foot reflexology massage to alleviate pain
 Rub the inside of the heel with thumbs, kind of circle-like pressure rubbing toe,heel and side. It relaxes and soothes the muscle. If you are finding it difficult  to do with thumb then use some props like stick etc.
Foot reflexology massage to alleviate pain
Foot reflexology massage to alleviate pain


Find out the area that looks like a crescent-shaped depression at the bottom of the ankle. Rub and knead that bottom of the depression of the ankle. The massage to that area can promote groin lymph circulation. When pressed beneath the ankle, make special emphasis on strength. Inside and outside of the depression should be implemented on both sides of the ankle massage.

Foot reflexology massage to alleviate pain
Locate the point by counting four finger width from the top of the ankle. Press this point with the thumb and stimulate the area.
Foot reflexology massage to alleviate pain
Press knuckles from toe to toe at its center and continue pressure for about 10 seconds. This is the  reflex zones of the pituitary gland and will prove to normal hormone secretion.
The strength of pressing has to be moderate i.e about to feel a slight pain to press.
Avoid pressing or massaging with too much of force or strength as it can harm the body.

Take care of your heel – massage and moisturize daily.