Stop throwing peels of these 10 fruits | Amazing health,beauty benefits of fruit peels

It is time to stop throwing the peels of these 10 fruits. As, it has amazing health and beauty benefits. Some times peels of the fruit is more nutritious then the inside of the fruit.

The nutritional value of fruits is high, usually people like to peel the fruit before eating fruit. Throw away the skin. In fact, there are many health benefits of fruit peel.

Tip: Wash the skin with water mixed with vinegar to remove the harmful pesticides or other chemical residues.

fruit peel benefits

  Pears skin

Pear skin has high medicinal value. It is helps to keep heart and lungs healthy. It also lower heat in to the fluid. Wash the pear skin well,  chop it into small pieces, add crystal sugar in to the water. Drink this  to treat cough . Put some pears in to the salad to get more crisp, and delicious taste.

  Apple skin

Apple skin has a convergence effect. You can use it as a tea, can cure gastric acid and phlegm too. Apple peel or skin can be freeze dried and then grind into powder. Intake of that apple peel powder about 1 tbsp  (2-3 times a day) can be beneficial to relieve chronic diarrhea, neurological colitis, hypertension and other diseases.

  Grapefruit skin

Grapefruit skin is really useful in phlegm, cough, and asthma problem.

Just chop the grapefruit skin, add appropriate amount of honey. Take a spoonful orally, can cure senile cough and asthma.

The decoction made from grapefruit skin can help cure phlegm, digestion, and hernia pain too.

In addition, rubbing the grapefruit skin on the kitchen cupboard, refrigerator can help to remove odor.

  Banana skin

Banana peel contain mesothelin, which is useful to cure fungal and bacterial infections problems like skin pruritus. The banana peel is also useful for lungs, intestines, and blood related health problems.

The banana skin smashed with ginger act as great anti-inflammatory and natural painkillers.

Rubbing banana peel on hand and foot, can help prevent chapped, dry skin and frostbite too.

In addition, it can help treat high blood pressure, prevent and cure cerebral haemorrhage.

Dry the banana peel then grind into powder and then add to your favorite beauty skin mask to enhance the beauty of the skin.

In addition, repeatedly rub banana peel on the shoes can help to remove stains and polish them too.

  Melon skin

Melon skin has refreshing effect. Melon skin can be used for kidney, lung, heart disease caused by edema, abdominal distension, urination and so on.

Decoction with melon skin can also be useful in beriberi treatment. Also, helps cure foot odor.

  Orange peel

Wash orange peel properly and stew it to make a drink. In this way it helps to nourshes lung and cure cough and phlegm.

In addition, the orange peel is alkaline nature, dipped in to salt, can help clean ceramic, enamel, aluminum and iron utensils.

Orange skin also contains more aromatic substances, just put little in the refrigerator or room.

Adding orange peel in to the home organic bio-organic fertilizer, liquid fertilizer can help the material to not to smell bad.

  Watermelon skin

The role of watermelon skin is better than melon. It has detoxifying and cleansing properties. It helps to clear excess heat or fire from the body, and lowering blood pressure. Other health benefits include useful in anemia , dry throat, lip, as well as cystitis, liver ascites, nephritis patients also have a certain effect.

In addition, because the watermelon peel contains vitamin C, E. Use it to wipe the skin, or gring watermelon skin in to pure, apply it skin. Wash with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. Your skin will feel instant rejuvenation. It is great addition in to your skin care.

  Cucumber skin

Cucumber skin or peel helps in detoxification. Cucumber skin can be more bitter, but is store house of many nutritents. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

  Tomato skin

Tomato skin helps to prevent cancer. Lycopene found in tomato peel is by far the strongest antioxidant found in natural substances. That can help prevent cardiovascular disease, improve immunity, and prevent cancer. Tomato skin rank highest. In addition, tomato skin also helps maintain intestinal health. Therefore, eat tomato skin as it is  the most nutritious.

  Eggplant skin

Eggplant skin has therapeutic value for cardiovascular patients, as there are large number of nutrients are hidden in the peel. After eggplant skin is peeled, it not only will reduce the health or nutritional value. But, also get easily oxidized by the air.  It then easily turn black, which then affect the absorption of iron in the body.

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