Get rid of lower body fat with these simple slimming exercises at home

Try this simple effective workout to get rid of excess lower body fat and helps to build slender lower body. This slimming exercises helps to tighten calf muscles too. With daily practice of these simple two exercise can helps to slim and tone lower body.

Quick and easy Lower body slimming exercises

Exercise 1

Women who wear high heels for a long time, are usually prone to easy fat accumulation in the knees. This makes knees look flabby. This exercise target thigh fat and helps to eliminate excess fat.Lower-body-slimming-exercise

Step 1. Sit lightly on the chair before 1/3, back straight, knees slightly open distance of about a fist with both hands placed on the thigh.


Step 2. Keeping the back straight, waist up as if to stand up, lift ass about 5 cm high. Hold this position for 10 seconds, and relax like in step 1.

Repeat this exercise 3 more times.

POINT: Adjust the distance between your knees up and holding a fist. Avoid keeping the distance too wide or open. Adjust the length of time depending on your body health status.

Exercise 2

This simple effective exercise mainly target fat calf or fat around the calf. This exercise helps to makes leg line look better, improve the calf lines, reduces leg tension and an effective way to create a slim ankle.


Step 1. While keeping heels close together on the ground and abdomen and back straight, extend back and chest muscles to overlap both hands in the lower back.


Step 2. Keeping heels close together, lift toes up and hold for 10 seconds after that return to Step 1 and repeat three times.

POINT: Keep body upright while lifting top. Be careful and avoid leaning forward or backwards. Remember  to keep knees straight,  and heels together. If unable to keep body upright, lean on the wall or a chair.