Ginger: Top 55 health benefits uses


49. Reduces formation of dangerous blood clot

Ginger may be useful as natural antithrombotic agents which inhibit platelet aggregation and prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots. This helps to prevent and treat variety of diseases.

50. Prevent and cure cold

Ginger has anti-viral properties and can effectively inhibit the rhino virus activity which are responsible for common cold.

51. Detoxification

Ginger contains many compound such as  zerumbone, which helps to get rid of all toxins that are responsible for causing cancer. It helps to completely detoxy the body and contribute to enhance metabolism and aid in weight loss.

52. Ulcer treatment

Ulcer is a common global problem characterized by acute gastric irritability, bleeding, etc. due to either increased gastric activity or perturbation of mucosal defence. Ginger is an effective and easy at home treatment to prevent and cure ulcers. Study has found ginger is superior to lansoprazole at blocking ulcer formation.

In another study, indicates that phytochemicals found in ginger can effectively inhibit gastric lesions or ulcers.

53. Anti-tumor

Ginger contain gingerol as an anti-tumor agent and can induce cell death of TRAIL resistant glioblastoma cells of brain tumor. Study has found that mango ginger treatment inhibited tumor growth rate with and without cancer drugs and increased the survival rate significantly.

54. Dental health

Ginger has potent anti-bacterial, anti-microbial activities that help to prevent tooth decay and promote dental health. The sulfides compounds in ginger helps to prevent formation of biofilm formation or bacterial infection.

55. Prevent herpes

Ginger contains compound that inhibit the activation of herpes virus. It is useful in prevention and treatment of herpes infection.


Ways to include ginger in your diet

  • Combine ginger with other spices like black pepper, coriander as it helps to enhance their effect
  • Add ginger to soup, curries  or broth.
  • Drink ginger water or tea.
  • Take ginger juice with honey.
  • Try ginger candy.
  • Add ginger to your smoothies or juices.
  • Add ginger to your baking bread or cookies.

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