Health benefits of lotus in ayurveda

The botanical name of lotus is Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn, (Nymphaea nelumbo Linn), Nelumbium speciosum.

Major chemical constituents of lotus 

Flower- Robinin(a glucoside)
Leaves- Nuciferine(alkaloid); Asmilobine& Lirinidine, Flavonoids,
Root- Isoliensinine; Neferine, Armepavine(seeds)

Seeds contain 2 – 3 % of oil comprising of palmitic, myristic, oleic and linoleic acid

Part used- Whole plant (mainly flowers, seeds, lotus stem and tuber),Stamens

Dosage- fresh juice of tuber 10-20 ml

Seed powder 3-6 g in divided doses per day. 

Uses of Fresh leaves of Lotus 

The fresh leaves of lotus are bitter in taste. They act as coolant and astringent. It’s use is extremely beneficial in burning sensation, excessive thirst, Difficulty in urination, dysuria, piles, fistula and bleeding disorders.

Uses of Lotus seed pod, Seed Head

The taste of lotus seed pod is bitter yet slightly sweet . It act as coolant and astringent. It helps to  cleanses mouth and brings clarity to it. It is useful in excessive thirst and Blood vitiation disorders.

Uses of Lotus seeds

The lotus seeds are very nutritious and taste. It helps to improves blood cell count, promotes safe pregnancy and coolant in nature.  

Uses of Lotus stamens 

Lotus stamen act as Aphrodisiac and astringent. They are useful in thirst, Burning sensation, bleeding piles, toxic and inflammatory conditions.

Uses of Lotus stalk and Lotus rhizome

The lotus stalk act as Aprhodisiac and heavy to digest. It is useful in burning sensation and blood imbalance disorders. Also, improves lactation.

Ways to use lotus for health

In order to get the above benefits, cut lotus into small pieces. 
Water is boiled separately. 
To the boiled water, when it is still in hot condition, the lotus pieces are added and kept for 2 hours. 
The ratio of Water: lotus should be 4:1.
After two hours, it is macerated and filtered.
This drink is taken in a (adult) dose of 25 ml once or twice a day. Add honey if you want but it’s completely optional. 

External application of paste made out of lotus petal is helpful in headache.


Lotus side effects:

In some, it may cause constipation.
It can be used during pregnancy, lactation and in children.


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