Healthy carrot celery drink recipe for good health and beautiful skin

Ingredients Required:

50 grams of carrots,

100 grams celery,

5 grams of lemon juice, and

80 ml of cold water.carrot-celery-healhty-drink

How to make healthy carrot celery drink at home?

1. Rinse carrot and celery well. Peel off the carrots.

2. Chop carrots and celery in to small pieces. Add water and blend it till smooth puree. Filter the juice with strainer or sieve. Alternatively, if you have juicer then it much simpler.

3. Add lemon juice into the extracted juice. Stir well and serve.

Health benefits and beauty benefits of this simple healthy drink recipe

This drink aid in detoxification and aid in weight loss. As it contain carrots and celery which are rich in Vitamin A and carotenoids , that helps to strengthen eye vision and prevent eye related disorder. This drink helps to reduce bad cholesterol, reduces inflammation, helps to sleep well, prevents cancer and heart related problems. It also makes skin healthy, soft, radiant, prevent aging and act as a super anti-aging drink.