Healthy coconut mango dessert

Ingredients Required

1 fully ripe mango,

1 glass coconut milk,

1/4 cup sago

pinch of cinnamon powder

organic honey(optional)


How to make healthy easy coconut mango sago dessert?

1. Fill an open vessel with 1 glass of boiling water and add sago in it. Let it cook for 3 minutes and keep stirring with a spoon to prevent sticky it to the pot. Turn off the heat and cover the vessel with a lid for 10 minutes. Open the cover later, sago  has become translucent.Healthy-mango-dessert

2. Wash and cut the mango into smaller pieces and mash the pulp properly.



3. Add mango pulp, a pinch of cinnamon and coconut milk into the container filled with sago. Keep it into the refrigerator to let it cold and serve chilled. If you need more sweetness adjust it by using honey.