Healthy fresh steamed sweet potato leaves cake recipe

steamed healthy sweet potato leaves cake

Sweet potato leaves, are the tops of the ground sweet potato seedlings stem leaves. They are rich in vitamin B, βcarotene, iron, calcium, zinc, protein and contain high moisture than any other leafy vegetables. If, compared with a variety of common vegetables such as spinach, rapeseed, tomato, carrots and other common vegetables , the nutritional content of sweet potato leaves ranks first.

Sweet potato leaves helps to improve immunity, homeostasis, hypoglycemic, detoxification, anti-cancer, prevent constipation , prevention and treatment of night blindness . To know about other  various other health benefits read proven health benefits of eating sweet potato leaves.

In addition, regular consumption of sweet potato leaves, it helps to make the skin smooth, delicate and has  anti-aging benefits for skin.

Fresh sweet potato leaves cake is  delicious and simple to make,  which aid in gastrointestinal digestion, weight loss, among all other health and beauty benefits.

How to make healthy Steamed fresh  sweet potato leaves cake ?steamed healthy sweet potato leaves cake

Steamed Sweet potato leaves cake Recipe

Ingredients required :

250 grams of sweet potato leaves,

Any flour 50 grams ( can use gluten free flour too),

1 gram of salt,

a pinch of baking soda

Step by step process

1. Get the fresh sweet potato leaves or  remove the leaves part from the sweet potatoes. Also remove the old yellow leaves.

2.Wash the sweet potato leaves and chop them well.

3. Add required amount of  salt and a pinch of baking soda. Mix  them well.

4. Add  your preferred flour.

5. Stir well till it turn into a slightly sticky state.

6.  Put a little oil in the shallow dish (to facilitate stripping of the cake), transfer the sweet potato leaves in to the tray .

7. Steam them for 8 to 10 minutes into the steamer. If you don’t have steamer then place a small plate into the boiled water, followed by the tray with contents on top of it. Then fire steam them for 8 to 10 minutes;

8. Once it is steamed and cooked well, cut into small pieces of desired shapes. Serve them with any healthy dips or sauces and enjoy this healthy  recipe.

Little caution:

1. Sweet potato leaves have different varieties, therefore the taste will varies. Choose according to your preferences.

2. The role of baking soda is  just to keep the green color. If you add more then a pinch of baking soda it may taste of astringent. So just add a pinch of it, not more.

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