Healthy pepper mix stuffed eggplant recipe

Following pepper mix stuffed eggplant recipe is great recipe for weight loss and has many other health benefits.

Ingredients required:

Eggplant  – 500 gm

Green pepper – right amount

Red pepper – right amount

Garlic – right amount

Chives  – right amount

Salt – right amount

Vinegar  – right amount

Oil – right amountSuper-healthy-stuffed-eggplant-recipe

How to cook pepper mix stuffed eggplant recipe? Super-healthy-stuffed-eggplant-recipe

Step 1: Remove the top crown of the eggplant.

Step 2: Clean the eggplant skin well.

Step 3: Put the eggplant into the steamer.

Step 4: Mince green pepper well.

Step 5: Mince red pepper.

Step 6: Cut green onion chives and minced garlic .

Step 7: Put chopped green and red peppers, garlic, onions chives into a small bowl, add the right amount of salt. Let this mixture slightly pickled for a little while.

Step 8: Marinated above peppers mixture into the sesame oil. This makes the stuffing sauce for steamed eggplant.

Step 9: Place the cooled eggplant into a tray, cut from the middle.

Step 10: Pour the sauce (step 8) into the middle of eggplant, sprinkle with chopped green onion on it.

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