Healthy pumpkin oats porridge recipe

Pumpkin oats porridge can be a perfect light meal, that can be served at breakfast or even at evening. It is often eaten by  athletes in training. It is not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also in flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidants such as lutein, xanthin, and carotenes. It helps to improve digestion, aid in weight loss and nourishes the body and skin.

Healthy pumpkin oats porridge recipe

Ingredients required

100 grams oats or oatmeal,

100 grams millet and

500 grams pumpkin

Recipe to cook healthy pumpkin oats porridge

Step 1. Wash the pumpkin and peel of skin. Remove seeds with flesh.

Step 2. Wash and cut into pieces.

Step 3. Wash oats and soak with cold water for 5 minutes.

Step 4. Add water and pumpkin into the pot.

Step 5. Add boiled millet and cook.

Step 6. Cook until pumpkin and millet gets soft. After that add soaked oats.

Step 7. Simmer all the ingredients for another 10 minutes, and enjoy this light healthy porridge.


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