Healthy turmeric tea – Sleeping troubles

Are you tired of not getting proper sleep at night time ?
If Sleepless nights are becoming part of your daily life then its time for health check in moment. 
Sleeping disorder will not only let you sleep but also decrease attentiveness, lack of energy or even fatigue.
Use of sleeping pills or other drugs will make you addicted and their unknown side effects.

Let’s go to the natural way to get relief from the trouble – Turmeric tea .
In order to prepare turmeric tea we need – turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, milk and honey to sweeten. Any kind of milk ( like almond, coconut, soy milk etc) can be used to prepare this tea. If you don’t like milk or you are lactose intolerant then  you can switch to water or soy milk as per your taste.
This tea will not only help you sleep better but also has other  major benefits too.Healthy turmeric tea - Sleeping troubles

Benefits of including turmeric in this tea helps against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Turmeric is also well know for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
Cinnamon will help to control blood glucose level.
Ginger and honey present in it will help you to fight against sore  throat and cough.
Ingredients required to make turmeric tea:

 1 cup of milk
 I/3 tsp turmeric 
 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of crushed fresh ginger
 1 tsp of  organic honey 
It’s very easy to prepare turmeric tea. Add all ingredients in to the vessel then mix it well. Let it boil at low flame on the stove.Once boiled then with the help of fine strainer filter it and enjoy this healthy drink. A drink with so many benefits.
It’s better to have this turmeric tea warm right before going to the bed and enjoy the peaceful sleep.

  • The key to make this tea delicious is the amount of turmeric powder used. If the amount of turmeric added is more then it may taste bitter.Don’t worry next time add less and enjoy the taste.
  • Use good quality turmeric powder and organic honey.
  • Pregnant women need to consult to the doctor before including turmeric in their diet.