4 Homemade Herbal slimming tea recipes for weight loss with lotus leaf

Lotus leaf has been used to lose weight from ancient times. As, these leaves has diuretic effect which helps to remove swelling from the body. It aid in weight loss , by promoting metabolism and increasing the fat burning capacity of the body.

You can try making any of these 4 types of herbal slimming tea at home. The amount of ingredients varies as per the taste you want.

herbal tea recipe for weight loss

1. Lotus leaf weight loss tea

Preparation (materials required) : lotus leaf, dried tangerine peel, cassia seed, rose

Practice steps: First, wash and place all the materials inside a teapot. And then pour the right amount of water, let it water become hot but not boiling. Steep the tea for a few minutes and then drink.

Lotus leaf weight loss tea can help to strengthen the metabolism of fat, which help to discharge more toxins from the body.

2. Lotus leaf honey slimming tea

Preparation (materials required): lotus leaf, honey

Practice steps: First, the wash the lotus leaf and place in the teapot. Then add boiling water for brewing, let it steep  for a few minutes. After the temperature of the lotus leaf tea drop, then add the right amount of honey. Stir to drink.

Lotus leaf honey slimming tea taste really very good, and can help remove greasy. It is also useful in eliminating flatulence, and promote excess body fat decomposition.

3. Lotus barley slimming tea

Preparation (materials required) : lotus leaf, barley

Practice steps: First, wash the barley and lotus leaf with a small amount of hot water, to remove impurities. And then crush the ingredients , and place in the cup. Add hot water to brewing. Stir evenly to drink.

Lotus leaf barley slimming tea helps to remove water swelling from the body. This can be used to deal with edema induced obesity,  and to help the body to discharge excess water.

4. Lotus leaf hawthorn slimming tea

Preparation  (materials required) : lotus leaf, hawthorn, dried tangerine peel, barley, rock sugar

Practice steps (how to make slimming tea with lotus leaf and hawthorn)

Wash all the materials , and then put into a small pot. Add four bowls of water, let it come to boil, and then slowly cook on low flame for 30 minutes, and finally add a small amount of rock sugar.

Lotus leaf hawthorn slimming tea has lipid-lowering effect. It aids in weight loss by helping in gastrointestinal detoxification process.

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