HIV AIDS prevention measure to follow (MUST)

Learn Basis of  HIV AIDS prevention measure for better sexual health. The transmission of sexually transmitted infections has increased over past few decades. It is important to know the following measures for aid prevention.

What is AIDS

AIDS stands for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”.
There are 3 important points to understand
  1. The cause of HIV AIDS infection is acquired or transmitted.
  2. It is mainly caused by damaging the immune system of the body. In which immunity of the body is compromised.
  3. The symptoms of the AIDS are complex, often invite other serious infectious diseases and tumor.

Main ways of HIV AIDS transmission

AIDS is mainly transmitted through 3 main ways

  1. When HIV-infected people have unprotected sex.
  2. Upon receiving HIV contaminated blood.
  3. HIV infected mother can infect the unborn babies.

Healthy people are still in risk of HIV AIDS infections. When wounds of healthy individual comes in contact with HIV contaminated blood, semen, vaginal secretions. Then there is still possibility of HIV infection.

Can HIV AIDS be treated?

AIDS can be prevented but there are no effective treatment for HIV AIDS yet.

It has long incubation period of AIDS ( refers to the time from HIV infection to the emergence of AIDS symptoms and signs), generally 6 months to 5 years. But can be up to 10 years too. During this incubation period there will be no obvious symptoms. But, once the disease develops it can destroy the immune system of the body and can lead to death.

From HIV infection to the onset of symptoms, can be divide in to 4 periods.

  1. Acute infection period – Fever, fatigue, sore throat, general discomfort and other symptoms of upper respiratory track infections. Individuals may have headaches, rashes, meningitis or acute multiple neuro inflamations.
  2. Asymptomatic infection period –  Comes often without any symptoms or signs.
  3. Systemic persistent of lymph node swelling – Unexplained swelling of lymph nodes.
  4. Immune function of the body will be low. Irregular body temperature, chronic diarrhea exceeds 4 to 5 times/ day and loses 10 % pf body weight within 3 months. Patients may have sudden cough, shortness of breath, and occurrences of other infections.

So, it is very important to take necessary steps to prevent HIV AIDS infection.  Follow the preventive measure of the AIDS.

HIV AIDS prevention measure.

As, we already know there are 3 routes of transmission- sexual intercourse, blood transfer, mother to child transmission. So, isolate these routes of transmission.

  • Prohibit prostitution.
  • Use condoms to prevent unprotected sex.
  • Avoid direct contact with AIDS patients –  urine, semen, breast milk or blood.
  • Do not use unauthorized blood transfusion.
  • Prohibit sharing of the razors, tooth brushes or other personal items.
  • Stay away from drugs. Strictly prohibit the use of sharing syringes.
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