Homemade honey kiwi face mask for younger looking skin

Ingredients required

1 kiwi,

1 tsp of organic honey

1 tsp of all purpose flour

How to make kiwi and honey face mask at home for beautiful skin?

Wash and peel off kiwi fruit. Put kiwi, honey and all purpose flour into the blender. Blend till smooth paste.

How to use this face mask?

After cleansing, do steam towel treatment for 3 minutes. Then apply this mask evenly on the face and other body parts for 15 minutes. Wash off  with cold water.

Suitable skin type : all skin types

Beauty benefits of using this face mask:

Kiwi for skin has effective skin whitening and anti-aging effect. This face mask stimulate natural collagen synthesis and helps to heal inflamed skin problems like acne, pimple. This face mask is natural homemade recipe to get soft, glowing and youthful skin.

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