Homemade papaya honey skin glowing face mask

Ingredients required

1 tablespoon of papaya puree,

2 teaspoons of non-boiled raw milk,

2 teaspoons of honey.

How to make papaya and honey glow mask at home for beautiful skin?

Mix all the above ingredients and form a smooth paste.

How to use this face mask?

After cleansing, do steam towel treatment for 3 minutes. Then apply this mask evenly on the face and other body parts for 15 minutes. Wash off  with cold water.

Suitable skin type : all skin types

Beauty benefits of using this face mask:

There are many benefits of papaya, honey and milk mask for skin. This home made fruit face mask recipe is full of natural fruit enzymes, anti-oxidants, carotene and Vitamins like Vitamin A  that contribute to skin whitening, deep clean pores of dirt, remove unwanted blemishes, pimple, and dead skin cells. It helps to get rid of sun tan and lighten the dark spots or acne scars leaving skin supple, blemish free and glowing.

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