Itchy skin- causes or diseases associated with itchy skin

Discover about itchy skin causes, types of body itching and diseases associated with itchy skin.
Itchy skin is not only the symptoms of skin disease. But can also indicated underlying health diseases. So, it is important to understand that itching of the skin can be external manifestation of many internal health problems.
Some of the internal causes of the body itching  includes following

Diseases associated with itchy skin

Endocrine disorders
Some women often have itchy skin during pregnancy or late pregnancy. In this case body itching often disappears after child birth.
Women with menstrual disorders or ovarian health issue often experience itching of the vagina and vulva.
Among elder population itching of sin may be associated with lower levels of the sex hormones in the body.
People with thyroid problems may also experience itching of the skin.
Visceral diseases
If someone is experience any illnesses related to abdomen or pelvic area of the body. they may experience itchy skin. Diseases like gastrointestinal disorders, liver problems,kidney disease, diabetes etc.
In this category people often experience itching of the skin all over the body. As, itching of the skin often has to something related to temperature changes. Because of which one may observe that it has seasonal boundaries.
Neurological disorders
People who has issues with nerves or neurodegenerative disorders may experience skin itching. In some cases it may be linked to some internal cause. Whereas some people develop the habit of scratching the skin.
Whatever may be the internal cause one must also see the kind of itching. As there are many types of itchy skin. Few of them are as follows.
Systemic origin
Intially itching is limited to one place, but then gradually extended to other parts of the body or whole body. Limitation occur in certain part of the body like anus, scrotum, vagina, vulva and so on.
Primary Dermatitis
In this scratching of the skin results in to eczema like wound, hemorrhoids or pigmentation.
Burst of intense itching
Itching attack which often have regular characteristics. Addition to that they may skill be burning sensation or other sensation associated with that like insect climbing or other feelings.
Emotional Impulses, changes in temperature of the ambiance, friction of the cloth are some of the other stimuli that can cause or aggravate skin itching.
This article is a small attempt to introduce symptoms and causes of itchy skin. Everyone with body itching must take timely treatment and care. Do not delay, consult your doctor and find the underlying causes of itchy skin. I wish you good health.
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