Learn to turn situations into your favor

“Life is twenty percent what you make it and eighty percent how you take it.” 
This axiom defines the utter truth of the life. Life is full of surprises which can be either good  or bad and it solely depend on you whether to  whine about it or face it. The reality of everyday is filled with disappointments, rejections, setbacks, hurdles and frustrations. We certainly have no enough control over the events that we sometime think we have. Most of the time its just the fallacy that we create and relish upon.
So, what can be done to enjoy most in life, when we know the life will throw a challenge at anytime?
Accept the life’s surprises with stride, perseverance, and turn the adversity to your advantage.
That is the essence of self-efficacy– the belief that one is capable of pLearn to turn situations into your favor
erforming in a certain manner to attain certain goals. It is a belief that one has the capabilities to execute the courses of actions required to manage prospective situations.
Self-efficacy helps you to actualize the situation in a better way so that you can recuperate quickly from the failures and approach problems as challenges rather then tragedies.
The sense of self-efficacy is substantial enough to help you look for viable options and thereby making conscious choices. Thinking is specious without action. So, believe in yourself and take wise action towards the challenges.
 Now i would like you to grab your diary or a piece of paper-
  •  Think about two problems that you are facing now or have faced recently.
  •  How did you approach these problems?
  • What were your feelings, thoughts and actions towards that?


After you’ve given some thought to these questions, complete the following sentence-starter with a detailed paragraph or two. Be descriptive and you will be amazed to see how much insight you can gain into your usual problem-solving process.