Leg massage at home, benefits, how to

Leg massage benefits

One of the reason of lower body troubles especially calf, is poor blood circulation. Often leg massage helps to improve and stimulate blood circulation, reduces swelling, reduce fat, aid in weight loss and also helpful in cellulite. Ignoring leg swelling for longtime can cause lower body fat. Following leg massage technique can be done at home without any tools. Leg massage helps to relaxes muscle contraction, anti-gravity allows blood returning to the heart.

Leg massage at home


How to perform leg massage at home

Performing leg massage often helps to reduces the calf muscle stiffness and swelling . Often leg massage promote blood flow and helps to solve lower body problems.

2 minutes simple calf massage

This massage helps to to relax calf muscles. In doing massage, use any oil of your choice to get better slide. Before using any oil, warm it which increase massage effectiveness.

Leg massage at home

(1) From the foot to the ankle massage

From the foot to the ankle, sliding hands up as if to push and hard press edema.

Leg massage at home

(2) outside of the leg massage

Move your finger while pushing down around the outside of the foot, ankle over the place in the rear of the depression, and then back to the ankle.

Leg massage at home

(3) Repeat along the medial toes and massage as in (2).

Leg massage at home

(4)  With index finger or palm massage upwards, covering entire leg from ankle to below the knee. Press along the both side of the tibia bone or shin bone, which helps to remove metabolic old waste materials. Repeat the same massage with other leg.

Leg massage at home

(5) around the knee massage

Massage with your fingers around the kneecap, and finally stimulate the lymph nodes present at the rear side of the knee with your fingers.

Leg massage at home


(6) to relax the calf

Raise one leg, while pressing the side. Push from below the knee to the ankle with both hands or palms. Repeat the same massage to the other leg .

This self leg massage can be performed after exercises, cycling or running. It can promote blood circulation to swollen leg. Eventually, it firms up the skin and reduces cellulite.