life and seriousness

Our daily life consists of series of events.

Consider the event of meeting  some person (say Mr. X) who is serious and successful in his life . He plans out his whole day ahead very well in advance . He is  so busy in his scheduled life that by seeing them we often think, where are we?

Watch out! One good thing we are doing in the process is to attempt self-analysis.
After brief reflection, you often tend to feel insecure by comparing your life with his.
Your brain then sends you the messages in terms of emotions like  insecurity,  jealousy, etc, so that you can take action in order to come out of that feeling of self-contempt .
There are also the cases in which people feel motivated when they meet  Mr. X in their life but out of those people very few are able to sustain or carry ahead that motivation for longer time .

In other words people lost that motivation after a while, which means that was temporary .
But there are another set of people for whom just a little push of motivation can do wonders and push them to achieve good results.

But, WHY can’t you be serious like him? It could be any of the following:
  • You know your problems but don’t know what can be done to resolve them
  • You lack a plan of action
  • You either don’t  believe in your abilities or are unaware of your talents t0 do wonderful things
  • In few cases, it’s the fear that creates the hurdle
Important facts to remember from this are:
  • No need to compare yourself with Mr.X as you will be the one who will be suffering from negative emotions
  • Meet more people like Mr.X so that you will keep on boosting your motivation as one should keep on motivating oneself over the period of time (for me, everyday!)
  • Live an analyzed life in which you are able to justify yourself  to 5 types of questions( what, why, when ,where and how )

for instance, if you are feeling bad now then ask yourself  these basic 5 types of questions

  • WHAT makes you feel unhappy?
  • WHY it makes you unhappy?
  • usually, WHEN do you get this feeling of unhappiness?
  • WHERE is root cause of this negative emotion present ? 
  • HOW can you overcome this feeling ?
Remember the last question type (how?) is our action plan .
It’s not all about planning but implementing it through the right actions.
At the end it’s all about sincerity – it matters the most. One should be sincere towards what one does in life . Sincerity, not seriousness is what counts and makes you more successful.
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