Meridian massage for fast pain relief

Meridian massage  is an indispensable daily care ritual which quickly and easily help others to help to eliminate pain and improve blood circulation of the body. There are many meridian position along the body line which are likely to be tender points (massage area) to the meridian position mark . The actual compression can identify those tender points. The location is not necessarily the acupressure points, so there is no need to memorize the names and locations.

Nerve tenderness meridian massage to easily eliminate pain


1. Make sure the pain points and the location is around the meridians position.

First, make sure the position of the point of discomfort or pain, is uncomfortable places.

2. Find the corresponding meridians and tenderness (uncomfortable position)

Find the massage area, there will be an unusual pain when pressed.

3. Implementation of meridian massage

Massage the site to clear the obstruction, improve local meridian circulation. It takes only a few minutes to relieve pain.

Massage with slightly warm sesame oil or any essential oil of your choice. Try the hot towel method on those massage point.


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