Most of the time feeling sad?


One of the most common negative emotion in which people got drifted deep is sadness. Often I heard people saying I am feeling sad but i don’t know why ? 
Nobody wants sadness in their life but still why its impossible in certain situation to come out of that vicious circle of sadness ?? 
 In order to answer all this question ,one should know oneself well. In today’s life we all are so busy at our offices that seldom we find time for our self and which limits the scope of knowing oneself. 
It’s a strange irony that Google can answer all the question but if you will type What kind of person is Mr. X( suppose Mr.X is your name ) ?
Will Google will be able to appropriate answer about you ?
Answer is big NO.
Why NO?
Because no one in this world can tell who you are other than you. So answer lies inside you.
For every cause there is an action.
Here the cause is your sadness and some action has to be taken by you in order to combat this feeling of sadness. Our brain messages us to take that action against the cause through emotions. Once you will be able to decode that message then immediately you will think for the appropriate action need to be taken according to the situation  after taking that action you will feel that you are no more sad.
In other situation there are chances that we know the reason behind our sadness but still we are feeling sad why?

Today you are sad because you can not take that action plan but one should not forget that more you try to suppress the things . your body will express those emotions in other ways which might be more destructive for you . Hence instead of increasing the gap from the solution implement the action required for that situation. 
Listen to your body it just want to help you by sending the message by which you can be fit and happy.