Overcome Sweet addiction

Sugar is a drug which induces heroine addiction like effect. Table sugar also known as sucrose contain one molecule of each glucose and fructose. This fructose molecule is dangerous for human body.

A study conducted at the University of Lausanne Medical School states that- Fructose infusion induces hepatic and extahepatic resistance in humans.

Another study at the University of Coorado, Boulder states that- Fructose is the primary nutrient mediator of sucrose- induced insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.

Excess fructose consumption results in 

  •  insulin resistance
  • obesity 
  • elevated bad cholesterol and triglycerides, leading to metabolic syndrome
  • liver diseases

Consuming sugar is related to physically, mentally, physiologically, and emotionally addiction which cripple down human body slowly.

It’s often hard to control the temptation to eat sugar loaded foods like desserts, pastries, mocha’s, etc.

This is not just about weak ill but physiological addiction to eat more.Sugar triggers serotonin release in the brain, which induces calming effect in to human body.

During an emotional stress time we run towards this drug not to broccoli or other natural food. Eating sugar won’t satisfy your hunger but makes you even hungrier and end up overeating.

Studies has shown that eating sugar results in high levels of insulin effect appetite centers in the brain which in high amount are appetite stimulant.


  • Cut down sugar from diets: candy, pastries, soda, desserts, etc.
  • Limit your fructose intake up to 5-10g a day
  • Read food label before buying any so claimed healthy foods- ingredients like corn syrup is high in fructose. So avoid taking it.100 g of corn syrup contains up to 75% of fructose depending on processing.
  • Go natural and satisfy your sugar craving with natural fruits. 

Some sample(fruit) with their fructose content per 100 g serving : Strawberries : 3g, Oranges: 5g