Acupressure points for neck pain and shoulder pain relief (Fast)


Massage these acupuncture points to relieve pain in the shoulder and neck Acupressure points for neck pain and shoulder pain. Prolonged hours of sitting work, improper sitting posture, lack of exercise and leading sedentary lifestyle contributes to shoulder and neck pain. The shoulder and neck pain are found to be common in people with cervical … Read more

5 Effective body detox and cleanse methods for weight loss


Try these 5 best ways for natural body detox and cleanse to lose weight and get clear skin at home. Get rid of bloating and gain more energy. With variety of detox weight loss plans available in the market. It is important to chose the one suitable for your body. Other wise it can bring harm … Read more

4 Best vegetables for weight loss (cheap and nutritious)

carrot for weight loss

Eat these 4 best vegetables for weight loss. Include these fat burning vegetables for losing weight faster at home. Everyone is looking for the healthy way to lose weight. To shed extra weight one has to exercise, and eat right food for weight loss diet. In this article i will share, 4 best weight loss … Read more

5 Best weight loss fruits to eat ( burn fat faster)

Weight loss fruits to eat for losing weight faster. Try this list of 5 best fruits to eat for burning fat and weight loss. Include them in your weight loss diet to slim down faster.  Apple weight loss I wrote a detailed article on “Apple diet for weight loss” recently. Read it you will gain … Read more

HIV AIDS prevention measure to follow (MUST)


Learn Basis of  HIV AIDS prevention measure for better sexual health. The transmission of sexually transmitted infections has increased over past few decades. It is important to know the following measures for aid prevention. What is AIDS   AIDS stands for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”.   There are 3 important points to understand The cause … Read more

Itchy skin- causes or diseases associated with itchy skin


Discover about itchy skin causes, types of body itching and diseases associated with itchy skin.   Itchy skin is not only the symptoms of skin disease. But can also indicated underlying health diseases. So, it is important to understand that itching of the skin can be external manifestation of many internal health problems.   Some of … Read more