Why is Lycopene called “plant gold”? What are the benefits of eating more tomatoes?

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Did you know Tomatoes are also known as “Longevity Fruit”? Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which has a reputation as “plant gold”. It is responsible for giving the red color to the tomatoes. Lycopene comes under “Class A ” nutrient by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and WHO. Lycopene is powerful antioxidant found … Read more

5 Easy weight loss tips for losing weight faster, it works

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Are you trying to lose weight, but not finding any success. In this article i will share 5 easy weight loss tips for everyone be it men, women or children. So, if you who want to to burn more fat, loose belly fat fast or want to speed up the weight loss journey. You must … Read more

Surprising benefits uses of cucumber for health and beauty


1. Anti-tumor Cucurbitacin C contained in cucumber has the function of improving the immune function of the human body. Along with this it has anti-tumor properties and also found useful in the treatment of chronic hepatitis. 2. Anti-aging Cucumber is rich in vitamin E. It plays a great role in prolonging life and has anti-aging properties. The  enzyme found in cucumber … Read more

Quick healthy chai tea latte recipe (Homemade)


Try this quick Chai tea latte recipe and enjoy this healthy antioxidants rich beverage at home. It is an aromatic, creamy beverage that contains traditionally many Asian herbs and spices. So, if you are chai lover and getting bore of same chai recipe then spice up your tea. It is perfect and healthy blend of spices, tea and milk. … Read more

Easy to make carrot milk at home (Recipe)


It is so easy to make carrot milk at home that that not only make you  healthy but helps to bring grow to your skin also. This homemade beverage is quite popular at the homes of many Asian countries. You can choose to make it dairy free also by replacing animal milk with any  plant … Read more

DIY Make rice milk at home (Vegan recipe)


Learn how to make rice milk at home.  It is super easy to make and great alternative to animal milk. The following recipe is great for vegans and people who are looking for lactose-free alternative. It is super delicious and filled with nutrients and minerals. It has a creamy and nutty taste and you can add it to smoothies, cereal, and granola. You … Read more