Prevent dry eyes natural homemade remedies

The dry eye symptoms include pain, blurry vision, light sensitivity, itching, redness and feeling of presence of some debris in the eyes.

The main cause of dry eye is imbalance in eye tear secretion system which is responsible for providing moisture and lubrication to the eye. When tears unable to lubricate eye properly it causes the symptoms of dry eyes. 

The other causes of dry eyes include drying of tear film which can happen due to dry air from air conditioner, heater or some other environmental conditions. 
Dry eyes can be the side effects of certain drugs like birth control pill or antihistamines. 
It can also happen due to aging and in women especially around menopause.
There are certain disease which affects the production of tears such as rheumatoid arthritis, collagen vascular diseases.

In order to prevent dry eye syndrome, follow these simple 6 steps.

1. Maintain eye health
Unhealthy eye are vulnerable which include fatigue, increase in mucus secretion and so on. Basically, people with unhealthy eye are more likely to experience symptoms of dry eye.
2. Use eye drops
Lubricate your eye with eye drops.The natural homemade recipe for eye drop is very simple. Use natural, organic rose water as eye drop. Alternatively, to 180 ml of water add one teaspoon of natural salt. If you can find any of these use fresh distilled water for eye wash.
3. Increase the number of blinks
Prolonged use of electronic gadgets causes strain and tension in eye. Spontaneous blinking of eye helps to reduced strain and discomfort caused due to dry eyes. Therefore, deliberately increasing the number of  blinks can help to improve dry eye.
4. Careful use of cosmetics
For women, cosmetics may cause dry eye syndrome. Avoid applying eyeliner or mascara close to the lash roots. Also, remove eye makeup gently and clean thoroughly afterwards. This simple step can reduce the symptoms of dry eye.
5. Maintain the room humidity
Most comfortable humidity level is 50% to 60%. But when eye comes in contact with open air, the humidity level drops to 20% to 40%. Once the humidity drops, it is easy to get dry eyes. At this time, you can use a wet towel to keep eyes hydrated.
6. Protein food


Tears are not just water, but also play an important role in transporting nutrients or oxygen to the eye. Tears are combination of water for moisture, oils for lubrication, mucus for even spreading and antibodies with special protein for providing resistance to infection.Therefore, the daily diet should really add moisture and protein to produce good tears.