How to Keep Your Voice Healthy | 7 Ways to Protect Your Voice

Try these 7 simple tips to protect your voice and keep it healthy.

Normal Tone

Start paying attention to your tone of the voice when you communicate. Avoid shouting, singing loudly etc. as it overstimulate your vocal cords. This may contribute to the hoarseness of the voice. So, it is always better to use normal tone while you talk with others as much as possible.


Drink appropriate amount of water through out the day. Keep re-hydrating your self with water, at least eight glasses per day. Avoid drinking too much of alcohol or cold beverages as it is not good for throat health.

Light Diet

Eating light food helps improve overall health of the body,including your voice. Pay attention to your diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits like apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, white radish etc. As, they are good for your vocal and intestinal health. It will help to improve the immunity of the body and prevent the occurrence of the diseases.

Oral Care

Adhere to the proper oral hygiene. Simple habits like brushing at night, use of mouth wash, tongue scrapping will not only avoid bad breath problem. But, also reduce the respiratory infections and prevent pharyngitis.


Move your body, work on improving your physical fitness. Pay attention to include exercise or any other physical activities or sports in to your daily routine. Go for run, swim or dance. Spend some time in nature and enjoy any sports that you like, It will help improve your physical fitness, restore balance and prevent disease related to your pharynx.


Make sure that you are sleeping well. Avoid staying up too late as it is important to take rest of at least six hours daily. If you are finding difficulty in sleeping then listen to music for sleep, drink warm milk with turmeric etc. This simple tips will promote sleep and improve the quality of the sleep.

Dry Dates

If your throat is itching, feeling dry and other symptoms then boil 3-4 dry dates in to the water and then drink it. It will help relieve those symptoms. Also, helps clearing the lung and treat cough.

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