Eat more pumpkin for youthful glowing skin (Anti-aging diet)| Benefits & recipe

Pumpkin is a very common food in most of our daily life. It is often popular among people of all ages. Pumpkin is very rich nutrition, supplements the body with multivitamins, and often helps people to avoid constipation problems. Women who often eat pumpkins look younger and  consider pumpkin as one of secret weapon to fight aging.

Here a traditional beauty secret recipe shared by my grandmother to get beautiful glowing skin inside out. The main natural anti-aging beauty aid is to eat Pumpkin in to your diet.

Healthy pumpkin oats porridge recipe

Millet pumpkin porridge recipe

  1. Take 80 grams of millet.
  2. Put the millet into the bowl, then add a large bowl of water. Use your fingers to draw a circle and stir a few times. You may see some dirty things will float on the water, then dump the water. (Slow down the water, don’t wash the millet away)
  3. Put the washed millet into the rice cooker.
  4. Pour 650 grams of water.
  5. Wash and peel the pumpkin. Remove seeds and cut the melon into small pieces. (If the melon is fresh, don’t throw it away and cook it)
  6. Put the chopped pumpkin into the pot over low flame for about an hour.
  7. After the porridge is cooked, use a spoon to draw a circle in the pot. Stir the pumpkin and mix it evenly into the porridge.

Nutritional value and benefits of eating pumpkin

1. Pumpkin is anti-cancer food and can help eliminate the mutation of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

2. The water soluble fiber found in pumpkin, also known as pectin. It will helps to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa, from the stimulation of rough foods, promote the healing of ulcers, suitable for patients with stomach diseases.

3. Pumpkin is rich in zinc, participants in vivo nucleic acid, and in protein synthesis. It plays an inherent part for adrenal hormones.This makes it useful for your skin, hair, and nails.

4. The vitamin C contained in the pumpkin helps to prevents the nitrate from being converted into the carcinogenic nitrous acid in the digestive tract. The mannitol contained in the pumpkin reduces the harm of the toxin in the feces to the human body.

5. Pumpkin contains vitamins and pectin. Pectin has a good adsorption capabilities, can easily bind and eliminate bacterial toxins and other harmful substances in the body, such as lead, mercury and radioactive elements in heavy metals. Also, aid in detoxification of the body.

6. The rich carotenoids found in pumpkin can be transformed into vitamin A, improving important physiological functions of the body. Most importantly for the growth and differentiation of epithelial tissues, maintaining normal vision and promoting bone development.

7. Pumpkin is rich in cobalt, and rank on first place among all kinds of vegetables for it. Cobalt can help activate the body’s metabolism, promote hematopoietic function, and participate in the synthesis of vitamin B12 in the human body. It is a trace element necessary for human islet cells.

Why women should include pumpkin in their diet?

The benefits of eating pumpkins

1. Laxative plus beauty effect

Eat pumpkin regularly helps make the stool movement smooth and helps make skin beautiful. Especially for women, will see cosmetic effect.

2. Protect the gastric mucosa

It helps to promotes bile secretion, protects against harsh foods, strengthens gastrointestinal motility, and helps digestion of food.

3. Helps Lower blood sugar and blood pressure

Regulating the balance of insulin and maintaining normal blood pressure can be effectively done by consuming pumpkin. It is an ideal food to include in your diet for weight loss. If, you are obese and trying to loose weight then this will be very beneficial for you.

4. Good for prostate health

The lipid substances in pumpkin seeds have a good therapeutic and preventive effect on urinary system diseases and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

5. Prevention of stroke

Pumpkin can also prevent stroke, because the pumpkin contains a lot of linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and other glyceric acids, all of which are good fats.

6. Anti-cancer treatment

It is also useful in the prevention of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer . It can also have certain effects on preventing colon cancer. At the same time, it can help in the recovery of liver and kidney function. Enhance the regeneration ability of liver and kidney cells.

7. Radiant youthful skin

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and are very rich in important minerals. This will help in enhancing immunity, maintaining the normal functioning of the body, more anti-oxidation functions and strengthening anti-aging effects. The right amount of pumpkin seeds can keep the inner health and the external radiance. It will help achieve rosy complexion.