Relaxation with steam towel method

Body often experience pain in different areas, general discomfort or uneasiness, or old hands and feet problem. These symptoms are body signals which often appear at the beginning of an illness. Though  these won’t hurt health immediately but prevention is always better then cure.

One of the easy way to improve these problems at home is by steam hot towels.
Steam towel vs general hot water bag

Whether to use general hot bag or hot steamed towel ? What is the difference between hot bag and steamed towel? Which one is better?
Relaxation with steam towel set

Steam on steamed towel when exposed to a lower skin temperature, then heat will turn into water droplets.

When compared to hot bag, it directly heat the skin and leaves skin dry.

The steamed towel uses water in more exothermic way. 

As a result, heat conduction happen at more deeper, broader level within short time and leaves warm-up effect in the body.

In addition, start first with steaming hot towel, after a few minutes it will slowly cooled down by itself. 

This temperature difference caused in just a few minutes helps to relax muscles, increase blood circulation and body fluids, pain and discomfort caused by the discharge of old waste material, thus easing the symptoms.

How to practice hot stem towel method at home?

Item required : Normal size towels

Method 1

Hot water heating

Put towel in the basin, pour hot water and wrung wet. 
Be careful about the water temperature to avoid any burn or scalding.

Method 2

Microwave heating  

Wet the towel with normal tap water and wrung wet.
Place that towel in a microwave oven at 600W heat for about 50 seconds. 
Be careful not to burn while removing it.

Chose any of the above two method to get hot steamy towel.

After that add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the towel, to help relieve physical and mental stress.

Adding essential oil is optional but its good to include it.

Keep it on the body part for about 3 to 5 minutes, and then reheat it or use other steamy towel.

Repeat for  about 3 to 5 times.

Neck area

The nearest area for spinal nerves is the neck. 

So, compared to other parts the external heat will more easily get transmitted to the body. Just like spreading heat on fingers will send warmth feeling in the body faster. 

Neck and head is connected by “Medulla”, which is in charge of the blood vessels, heart, digestive, respiratory and other living center.

So, steamy towel will act as stimulus, which not only enhance blood circulation, but also regulate the autonomic nerves, ease headaches, colds, dental pain, shoulder stiffness, stress and other symptoms.

Placing steamy towel on the affected area

Place the steamy towel on any body area which is in pain or discomfort.

Steam towel method can alleviate eye fatigue, neck pain, back pain, constipation and physical pain.


It is not recommended to use hot steam towel on any inflammation, wounds, etc as these condition needs medical attention.