Save your relationship from mistrust

Trust is one of the vital components in long lasting relationship but why it’s difficult to trust somebody even if you like them. Even though they didn’t do anything bad to you, it just feels like you can’t trust them.  Lack of trust in any sphere of life both professional and personal it ultimately leads you to the path of unhappiness and leaves you with broken relationship – with family or at work.
There is always a time in everyone life when they face this situation. But did it ever occur to you who is responsible for creating the mistrust in your relationship or how you can prevent yourself from falling in to “mistrust” trap.
There is not an easy way out for building the trust as it requires investment of quality time but there are certain things that make situation more positive – presence of desire to know you more and if they like you. Everyone want that people should trust them but have you given a thought why it’s so easy to fail in the cycle of trust. After spending ample of time still people feel like they are mistrusted in their life. Well, no doubt you are trying hard to gain somebody trust but still you are not getting anywhere near to it.
Now is the time to understand where you are lacking and get familiar with the situations which are leading you to the path of mistrust.  Below are the most common factors that lead to mistrust.
Have a second thought regarding your behavior if you find yourself guilty of any of these and feel free to improve to life.

Save your relationship from mistrust

  •      Everyone wants to be heard and  saying ”I can’t hear you”  can also be interpreted as “ I don’t want to hear you”. By saying that just one line it’s not only violating that person self-esteem but also shows a sign you don’t respect or value that person. Intentionally or not but you already took a step ahead in developing mistrust.  If you lack in the simple effective listening skill then there will be a point where you live alone in your own one-dimensional world. Listening to somebody doesn’t imply that you have to follow and integrate all things that other person is trying to convey, but shows a sign of respect.

  •       Failing to take an action when situation demands can also put you ahead in the ladder of mistrust. Strange but true because you proved yourself ineffective to understand the needs of those who are around you and to yourself too. Indeed there can be various reasons for that failure fear, lack of knowledge are few. Remember, it is very important to take ‘action’ so get engaged and be active towards resolving the problem.

  •      Believe it or not if you are doubtful about yourself and find yourself negative most of the time then that doubt persists in developing the trust too. People are in continuous search of finding the inspirational people around themselves, which helps them to unleash their true potential .As its hard to be that inspirational person for everyone but there is a thing that you can do to everyone – Spread the hope.

  •      There can be a time when you find that people around you who are hiding something or running away from you and that can be the time to recheck your in box for some inputs i.e to check how much open you are to input? There is a difference in going by others opinion and wise counseling done by others.


  •      The attitude of proving yourself always right will not only prove that you are rigid and inflexible but also pushes you away from the door of trust. The reason is simple, you proved yourself as a incapable person who fails to see other point of view. The realization of the fact that “nobody is perfect” and “nobody knows everything in this world” can prove best self-help.



  •      People with loud mouth often have a tendency of putting themselves in to the risk of mistrust. If somebody shares you information in confidence with the acknowledgement from your side that you won’t tell to anyone and but … So refrain yourself doing that.