Self-efficacy: Unleash your true potential

Everyone with to-do’s list or wish list has one thing in common. The content of the lists only keeps growing. It never comes to an end. Not for normal human beings at least. Now, when we all have enough things to do in our lives,  I wonder how people find time to interfere in somebody’s personal matter. ah! i forgot that might be in their to-do list.
But, hello! don’t let others influence or divert your concentration from your goal. For such people, be like a bucket with no bottom. Just like a bucket with no bottom is unable to store anything that we try to put inside it. In that way, you are helping yourself to not to react to such situations.

Now is the time for you to give a break from the herd mentality and enter into the true wisdom of identifying your belief, wants , wishes, and the things that you really want to do and enjoy them the most. Flush out all things creating obstacles on the journey of knowing oneself. If you don’t know yourself when you start on a journey, plenty of struggle to succeed in a herd is a mere waste of time.

We often find ourselves in situations where we lack motivation or need an instant boost to reach the goal. In such situations, self-efficacy will act as an antidote. Self-efficacy is not an instant recipe to mend the problem as it is cultivated over a period of time.

Self-efficacy helps you to stay motivated through out your life and will help you to live a worthwhile life by helping you to unlock following abilities that always reside inside you:
  • Ability to set the realistic goal for yourself
  • Inner boost by which you will be able to concentrate efforts towards your goals
  • Ability to better preserve yourself in adverse conditions
  • Resilience which helps to tilt the table to your side
Yes, by cultivating the sense of self efficacy you will be able to see clearly how you you feel, think, motivate and behave.



In order to determine the level of your self-efficacy, consider taking this test where you are going to grade yourself between 1 to 5; 5 being highest which means that statement truly describe you and 1 being lowest which means no, that is not you. At the end of this test, start improving on the areas where you score lowest. Good Luck! Be true to your self.

  • Do you welcome challenges which require new skills to master?
  • During difficult situations, do you focus your attention and effort to find applicable solution(s) to the problem?
  • When faced with obstacles, do you find yourself invigorated?
  • Upon failure, do you often examine your performance and find out the points where you could have fared better?
  • Do you often feel confident that you can face most problems that come your way?  
  • Do you recover from disappointments quickly and keep going forward?
  • Do you develop strong sense of commitment towards your interests and activities in which you are involved?
  • When facing a problem, do you often check all available option and formulate course of actions before making a sound judgement?
  • Do you refrain yourself making the same mistake twice?