Simple effective exercises to relieve eye fatigue

Eyes staring at the screen for a long time, not only will lead to eye fatigue, neck and back pain, insomnia, but can also often accompanied by autonomic nervous system abnormalities. So, the eye fatigue must not be overlooked.

Getting good sleep and applying heat by rubbing palms together can help to relieve eye stress.

Simple exercises to relax your eyes anywhere

Eye movement


One of the cause of fatigue is lack of eye movement . Along with relieving eyestrain, it will stretch neck and improves upper body overall blood circulation.simple eye movement exercise


1. Place both hand back, all fingers cross buckle on the neck. Inhale slowly from the chest and eyes looking up towards the ceiling.simple eye movement exercise

2. Exhale! While stretching the neck, place elbow toward the face and chin close, eyes looking down.

simple eye movement exercise

3. Inhale, look towards the upper right chest side, upper body also turned to the upper right.simple eye movement exercise

4. Keep breathing normally, extend head swing to the left and right neck. Place hands and elbow toward the face, closed chin, look under the left eye.

Simple exercise to remove eye stress

5. Inhale, look towards the left chest, upper body also turned to the upper left.

Simple exercise to remove eye stress

6. Exhale, move head to the right place by extending neck to the left, hands elbow toward the face, chin closed, see towards the right eye.

Simple exercise to remove eye stress


1. Take a deep breath, while turning the eye, clockwise 10 laps, 10 laps counterclockwise

2. Without moving the face , look up and down 10 times, about 10 times to see

POINT: For more effective result make eye movements to the limit as far as possible.

Eye care before going to the bed

Before going to bed placing a hot towel on eyes.

  • can enhance blood circulation,
  • enhance the ability of the eye to adjust the focus, naturally less likely to sour eyes, blurred vision.
  • In addition, the heat can also prevent excessive evaporation of tears, hence keep eye moist
  • prevent dry eyes

Method for hot towel treatment

Place wrung wet towel in microwave at 500w for 1 minute, so that about 40 degrees heat can be deposited on eyes. Put it on eye and once cooled down repeat like above. Follow this for about 5-10 minutes.

POINT: Bed time is the best time to heat, but remember directly go to sleep after this treatment. Do not watch the computer or play on phone.