Simple upper body stretch to tighten belly

Following simple effective exercise that helps to relaxes the muscles around shoulder blade, helps to relieve neck and back pain. Upper body twist and torsion stretch and chest with hand oblique transverse torsion twist, helps the abdomen and upper body muscles to stretch. Maintain proper body axis and strive to achieve the correct posture is the key to achieve fast result.


Twist the upper body  for 10 seconds along with shoulder blade can help to tighten the belly.

While twisting the upper body, the muscles around the shoulder blade will also be touched, this movement helps to the relieve neck and back pain. Hold it for 10 seconds and repeat other side. It helps to tighten the abdomen muscle, relieve fatigue and stiff shoulder. This stretch can be easily done at office and helps to manage stress well.

relieve stiff shoulder


Relieve chest muscle stiffness with transverse torsion

1. Sit in the middle of a chair, let the pelvis upright. Move back to right towards the left lateral knee, left hand lightly touching on the left edge of the chair.

2. Twist chest along with upper body to the left, right hand resting on the left knee for better twist. Be Conscious of the right body axis, avoid moving lower body movement and keep it still for 10 second. After 10 seconds switch to other side and repeat.

relieve stiff shoulder

Hand Oblique twist stretch exercise helps to tight overall abdomen

1. Sit up straight in the middle of the chair. Place right hand on the outside of the left knee.

2. Extend the left chest  upwards towards the left, look back towards the left hand, hold it for 10 seconds and repeat to the other side.

 Hand oblique twist Advanced Edition

Try to put right hand on the outside of the left ankle backing, other actions are same as hand oblique twist. This way you can even make waist muscles exercise together, which helps to firm up the entire upper body.


While doing these action it is important to maintain proper axis of the body, back straight and chest up.