Skin whitening with banana peel (Fast Results)

Many people like bananas, because bananas not only taste good but also helps to lose weight. In fact, the banana peel plays important in skin whitening along with various other skin problems. Let’s take a look at the method of using banana skin for treating skin diseases. or How to treat skin disease using Banana skin?

Banana Peel

Banana skin or peel is rich in potassium and vitamins A and C. It has a good cosmetic effect , infact it is safe to apply on genitals area too . It can effectively reduce the pigmentation caused by hormone secretion and frictional stimulation,  and help lighten the skin effectively.

Bananas are of high nutritional value and are loved by everyone. When we eat bananas, we throw away the banana peel. In fact, banana peel also has good edible value and medicinal value. To treat some skin diseases , you can also try banana peel.

Banana peel helps to inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Experiments have shown that banana peel is useful in the treatment of skin itching and beriberi caused by fungi or bacteria. Patients can select fresh banana peels to rub repeatedly in the itching area of ​​the skin (ankles, handcuffs, body, etc.), or smash into mud, and apply on the skin topically.

People with dry face, can apply the inside of the banana skin to the face (the inner side of the skin to the side of the skin), let it dry for about 10 minutes, then wash it with water to make the skin moist and smooth.

Banana peel can also solve the splitting of the winter skin due to dryness. After a few days of continuous rubbing of the affected area, the skin will become smooth and beautiful.

The banana peel can be smashed with ginger juice to reduce inflammation and pain. In this way you can use banana skin to control the frostbite.

In addition to this,  you can easily sun dry or dehydrate the banana peel. Upon drying, grind and store in air tight container. You can add this powder in to your face packs or body packs to achieve radiating flawless skin all the time.

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