Super effective hump back correction exercises

Shoulder blade to the upper body and pelvic to the lower body are vital for whole body movement. Just like motion correction exercise can help with skew pelvis easily, likewise scapula movement can help upper body to stay more relaxed. It is helps to relax the muscles around the shoulder blade and correct posture. Just by maintaining correct posture can help to achieve more with less effort, say fast weight loss. Spending long hours on mobile phone, computers results in to bent neck and back pain.

The following super simple scapula workout can be done without props and require less space. These simple exercises helps to correct posture, relive neck pain and back pain, improves blood circulation and enhances shape of neck line.

Simple hump back correction exercises
Scapula down movement helps to eliminate fat on the back.

  1. Stand with feet apart of shoulder width, hands straight up together above the head. Extended back, eyes looking straight ahead.
  2.  Switch hands down arm against the back , elbows bent down slowly, try to make two shoulder blades close together. Repeat this action five times.

POINT: Move down the hands slowly in order to soften the muscles around the shoulder blade.

Simple hump back correction exercises

Scapula workout to eliminate neck and back pain

1. Put your hands on the shoulder, draw one largest circle without moving shoulder by pulling elbow to the back as much as possible.Simple hump back correction exercises

2. Lastly, touch your elbows together. After winding around the back forward, each repeat 5 to 10 times.

POINT: While doing shoulder rotation be careful of scapula and avoid getting them too close together.Simple hump back correction exercises


Upper stretch exercise to accelerate blood circulation

1. Hands straight up over your head, buckle cross fingers, palms facing towards the ceiling, feel the whole body stretching upward.Simple hump back correction exercises

2. Slowly move the body back and forth in all four directions. Rotate the upper body with the head in clockwise then counterclockwise direction for around 5 minutes.

Cat stretch on yoga mat or large towel

Simple hump back correction exercises

1. Kneel down with both hands on the ground, take a deep breath.

Simple hump back correction exercises

2. Exhale and stretch forward, upper body close to the floor, hips unchanged, maintain this position for 20 seconds.

POINT: This action helps to extend to the back and waist muscles. In addition to correcting humpback, it also improves the lower body blood circulation.