Super food to burn fat faster

If you believe that -“It’s easy to gain weight then lose weight”  then here are another reason to give yourself hope.

According to many scientific finding it is proved that a diet rich in calcium helps you to burn more calories per day which result in up to half the amount of fat being stored in comparison  to diets low in calcium. 

Calcium binds with the bile acids and helps in loosing fat by increasing the excretion of fat through bowel. So, it helps to lose the fat instead of storing fat.

Rich sources of calcium include- cottage cheese, spinach, salmon and broccoli.

Studies proved that Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the great secrets to permanent fat loss. 

The benefits include maintenance of healthy blood sugar level, restricts accumulation on fat, boost glucose to be stored in muscle cells not in fat cells and increases the process of thermogenesis- a process that creates heat in the body which increases the metabolic rate. 

 Rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids include- oily fish, kidney beans, chickpeas, avocado and walnuts.


Consumption of fermented carbohydrates provides less calories, promote regular bowel movement and proved less fat storage after a meal .

Fermented carbohydrates sources include lentils, corn, split peas, brown rice and oats.

Astaxanthin, a carotenoid that gives pink color to salmon, prawns, lobster, rainbow trout has been shown to enhance the use of fat as energy source and accelerate fat burning during exercise.

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