Sure ways to be happy in your life

On encountering the emotions of sadness and depressed one get curious to know the tricks to lead a happy life.
Want to unlock the door of happiness ? , then you have to not to look for the key anywhere.
Yes, you heard me right the key is already there with you .
Nothing in life happens on its own. So if you want to be  happy then start the following simple tasks immediately that will definitely change your outlook towards your life. You need not to start all these tasks at a time ,say first start with any of 3 tasks which are more appealing to you . Rest you can start later once you become perfect in those 3 tasks.

Lets unlock the door of abundance happiness by keeping the fact that happiness is not confined with any reasons.

Get a journal for your self because you need it for self-analysis.
Here begins our journey towards being fit and you will witness the result within a week.
These tasks are:

      1. Express Gratitude
Make sure that you express gratitude to at-least 5 people daily or else write down in your diary at evening.

      2. Avoid over-thinking and peer comparison
Cut down the time you spend on pondering your problem and comparing your self to anybody in this universe . Minimise the use of ” I wish I shouldn’t have done instead I should have done that …”

     3. Avoid dragging past mistakes
 Make peace with your past . Whatever you did in past is already done, nobody in this world can change it. So, try to stop feeling guilty about your past mistakes. Create a new section in your diary and named as “Lesson Learned”. Write down all the lessons that those mistakes taught you in your life. By doing this  you save yourself from the emotion of guilt and also prove wonderful tool towards your life prosperity .

     4. Cultivate optimism
Entitle a new section in your diary “My Best Possible Future” and regularly spend time on every aspects of your life as you want it to be in near future.

     5. Kindness
Practice acts of kindness on regular basis . Start with minimum 5 acts of kindness you do in your whole day.

     6. Indulge in activities that truly engage you
These activities can be anything in which you lost the track of time and enjoy it.

     7. Forgiveness
Learn to forgive people and yourself. Write a letter in which you try to let go of your anger or resentment toward someone or yourself. You don’t have to mail it.

     8. Develop healthy relationship
Spend your time and energy in nurturing relationships which will help you to heal.

     9. Develop strategies for coping
Discover the best possible ways to handle( or get over) stress or bad emotions .
The way different people cope up from bad moods or situations are different , also what works best for them doesn’t guarantee that it works well for you too. Hence  you have to find and practice the strategies which works best for you.

    10. Replay happy moments
Pay more attention to your happy moments and replay it. Keep those wonderful moments alive through thinking, writing or sharing with another.

    11. Commit to your goals
Select one of your goals, or several, and devote time and effort to pursue it.

    12. Boost your soul
Devote energy and time for your soul by practicing meditation.

    13. Take care of your body
Engage in physical activity and eat a healthy balanced diet. Smile and laugh in every situation as time always bring new hope.

    14. Avoid nagging
Save your energy on complaining about the things that’s going wrong in your life. Believe me at the end it’s just only you who can sort it in the order by taking appropriate actions.
List down the problems about which you are worried and its best possible solutions. Now, you already know the solution and if you don’t know then look for it. Once you know it prepare an action plan, if needed you can divide that in to smaller actions so that it will be easy for you to understand it and implementing it over a span of time.

I wish all these things help you to make your life happy. Please share your experiences by writing comments once you start seeing the differences in your life after implementing above tasks . Lets help each other to heal by sharing our experiences.

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