Swan stretch for abdominal and back muscle

There are a wide variety of weight-loss method  available in the market which may or may not result into healthy fat loss. Very little thought is given to lifestyle habits. Just a little lifestyle adjustments can effectively decrease the weight, along with stretching exercises which not only sculpt the body but also make it firmer and builds perfect body line. For all that there is no need to avoid eating. 


Eat, move, do stretching and make lifestyle adjustments, all this can help you to reduce body size.

Readjust habits for better and healthy life

1. The morning sunlight

Morning sunlight, will inhibit drowsiness, melatonin secretion and increase serotonin secretion so that brain can feel sober. This way you can restart the body’s internal clock.Try to sleep with curtains open and let the sun wake you up. All this will make a good day start.

2. Control of alcohol intake

It’s a fact that reducing alcohol intake will drop down body weight too. In addition, drinking alcohol decreases sleep quality.No matter how full you are it decreased sleep quality and hamper sound sleep.

3. A good night sleep


Lack of sleep also causes weight gain. Poor quality of sleep and lack of sleep declines the secretion of growth hormone which make break down of fat more difficult. Therefore  good sleep quality is essential for weight loss and to break down fat smoothly.

Swan stretch

15 seconds swan stretching exercisesswan-2Bpose-2Bfor-2Bback-2Band-2Babdomen

Swan stretching exercises can be effectively utilized for the abdominal and back muscles. Ground with waist way to spend five seconds and slowly lift the chest and hands, feet, for 5 seconds, then 5 seconds slowly hands down, three times.