Is swimming good for weight loss? Faster way to lose weight

Swimming can help you lose weight. Chose Breaststroke swimming for weight loss. As breaststroke style can help you slim down faster and can shed weight in healthy way. Along with that it is important to pay attention to follow proper weight loss exercise and correct diet plan according to your body type.

Practicing swimming for just for half an hour to an hour a day can help you lose weight. Also, to lose weight faster follow the below tips.

Health benefits of swimming

  1.  It helps to strengthen your abdomen, arms and leg muscles.
  2. Improve mental health and helps replaces dead brain cells.
  3. Builds lung power so it boost lung health.
  4. Slim down your waist as swimming helps to burn around 500 calories per hour.
  5. Helps to keep blood pressure low so good for people with high blood pressure.
  6. Improve heart health and reduces the risk of heart problems.
  7. Maintains proper glucose levels in the body, which makes it good sport for people with diabetes.
  8. Boost you bone and joint health as it has low impact on your cartilages.
  9. Boost your mood and energy.
  10. Improves the flexibility of the body.

does swimming help lose weight? Swimming for weight loss benefits

Choose breaststroke for swimming for weight loss faster.

Warm up before the swimming

Breaststroke is a particularly physically demanding sport. It consumes about 8 times more calories than usual. You can imagine how good it will be for losing weight. But it is recommended to pay attention to warm up before breaststroke. As it is easier to get cramps or other discomforts if you directly go for swimming without proper warm up.

It is recommended to do a minute or two of squats or high leg lifting action. As, this will help to open up your body and won’t feel stiff. After the body is relaxed, the breaststroke will be smoother and can burn more calories.

Swim in breaststroke style to lose weight faster

Swimming in breaststroke style is very physically exhausting. So the weight loss effect will be very good but to burn more calories you must go for long breaststroke.

Usually the water temperature in the pool is relatively low, stay in the pool for a long time. It is easy to catch cold or chills. Be sure to warm up properly. 

Effective weight loss methods for faster results

Eat nutrient dense food 

Follow a proper diet plan to lose weight in healthy way.

Improper way of dieting can help to lose weight but can lead to nutritional deficiency. There are chances of gaining back the weight which you have lost during dieting. 

So, it is recommended that people who want to lose weight should pay attention to portion control. Lose that weight in a healthy way.

Eat more coarse grains and vegetables

Dietary fiber helps in weight loss. It also boosts intestinal peristalsis, accelerates the cleaning of the intestines, excretes feces, helps empty the intestines, eliminates constipation and obesity. In addition, dietary fiber  helps your stomach to stay full for longer period of time, increases the feeling of satiety, thereby reducing appetite, and thus play an important role in weight loss.

Vegetables and coarse grains contain a lot of dietary fiber. So, people who want to lose weight should eat more of these foods for faster weight loss benefits. For example, winter melons, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables, such as oats, kernels, brown rice, etc. are coarse grains.

Exercise, move your body 

Exercise are important for healthy weight loss. Spend time on moving your body through out the day. While  sitting and standing posture maintain proper posture. Focus on tighten your abdomen with every exhalation. When you insist on tightening the abdomen, it helps to make the abdominal muscles firm.

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