Kava kava drink or tea: Health benefits including anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and more


The biological name of Kava or kava-kava is Piper methysticum. It is also known as awa, ava, yaqona, and sakau in many households. The roots of the plant are used to produce a drink which are useful in anxiety, tension, restlessness relief, helps to improve sleep quality and useful in insomnia, boost mood and brain function, useful in depression,helps to … Read more

Rosemary: 30 amazing health benefits and uses

Rosemary herb and oil uses with benefits

Some of the health benefit of Rosemary herb include anti-inflammatory , anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-viral, boost memory and brain health, provide protection against harmful radiation, aid in weight loss and detoxification, useful in diabetes, anxiety control and depression. Nutritional value of Rosemary herb The  biological name of the Rosemary herb is Rosmarinus officinalis. It is also known as Romero … Read more

St. John’s wort herb benefits uses sideeffects

St.John's wort herb uses benefits sideefects

Some of the benefits of using St.John’s wort herb include natural alternative to anti-depressant as it helps with depression, helps in decreasing the frequency of hot flashes, improve menopausal symptoms and promote wound healing. St. John’s wort herb also known as Hypericum perforatum, Amber Touch-and-heal, Goatweed, Hypericum, Johnswort, Klamath Weed, Rosin Rose, St. John’s Grass and Tipton Weed.  How … Read more