D.I.Y homemade facial skin mask with green tea and honey for instant glow

Ingredients required green tea powder 2 tsp or 2 green tea bags (about 4 g), organic honey 3tsp How to make green tea and honey face mask at home for beautiful skin? Open the green tea bags and mix green tea powder with honey. How to use this face mask? After cleansing, do steam towel treatment … Read more

Ginger: Top 55 health benefits uses

Ginger has many medicinal health benefits including it’s use for various chronic pain, diabetes, fights and prevent various cancer, anti-tumor, good for heart, kidney, liver and brain health, prevent herpes, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, aid in weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, useful in PMS, menopause symptoms, antiviral, detoxification and many more. Nutritional value … Read more

Try Guava skin brightening face mask at home

Ingredients Required: All purpose flour – 1tsp egg yolk- 1 organic honey – 1 tsp guava – half How to prepare Guava whitening face mask? 1. Remove all seeds from the Guava and cut into small pieces. Put them into the blender and blend till smooth puree. 2. Transfer puree into the bowl, add an egg … Read more

Try potato face mask for blemish free skin at home

Ingredients  required:  1 small potato Organic honey –  1/2 tsp How to prepare potato mask? 1. Cut small pieces of washed, peeled potato. Place them in the blender and blend till it form smooth puree. 2. Add honey into the potato puree and mix thoroughly. How to use this? After cleansing, apply the mask with a … Read more

Revitalizing apple face mask to remove acne and freckles

Ingredients required: Apple – 1/2, Milk – 3 teaspoons corn flour – 1/2 tsp How to make this revitalizing face mask? 1. Cut small pieces of core peeled apple. Put them into the blender, blend till it form smooth paste. 2. Transfer that smooth apple paste into a bowl, add milk and mix well. 3. Add a little … Read more

Try celery yogurt mask at home for whitening brightening skin

Ingredients required Celery Leaves – handful Plain yogurt – 3 tsp How to prepare this mask? 1. Cut the washed celery leaves into smaller sections. Put it into the blender and blend till fine paste. 2. Add yogurt, stir in the celery paste. How to use this face mask? After cleansing, and a stem towel method, then … Read more

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