Thyme: 27 health benefits and reasons to use it for good health

11. Liver detoxification

Studies has found including thyme has thymol and carvacrol which helps to stimulate the activites of enzymes in liver. Including thyme leaves in diet or  drinking infusion of thyme leaves can help to boost metabolism and aid in liver detoxification.

12. Thyme as Aspirin alternative

Long term intake of common thyme herb with rosemary  has antithrombotic effect, which reduces the formation of blood clot. The antithrombotic effect was not accompanied by prolongation of bleeding time. Thyme can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks or stroke.

13. Anti-inflammatory

Studies has found thyme has strong anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, which act as fast pain and fever relief. It is also proven to have helpful effects in controlling the inflammatory processes present in many infections.

14. Stops bleeding

Thyme provide a therapeutic potential for the management of patients with deficient hemostasis in the clinical medicine.

15. Menstruation disorder

Thyme can act as natural Ibuprofen alternative, which helps to effective in reducing the severity of pain and spasm in primary dysmenorrhea or painful periods. It helps to ease menstruation pain, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms.

16.  Natural Mouthwash

Thyme has strong anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties and rich in antioxidants. Infusion of thyme leaves act as perfect mouthwash which can be helpful in treating inflammations of the mouth and throat infections.

17. Natural stress reliever

Thyme is rich in vitamin B6, that has a powerful effect on certain neurotransmitters in the brain which are directly linked to stress hormones. Regular consumption of thyme in diet can help to improve mood and relieves stress.

18. Herb for Eye health

Placing Thyme tea bags on eyes helps to treat conjunctivitis, and pink eye. Thyme is rich in carotenoids and vitamin A, which make it an effective antioxidant agent for eye health. It helps to neutralize the free radicals in ocular system, reduces the risk of macular degeneration and prevent cataracts.

19. Good for stomach

Thyme is a wonder herb for relaxing the muscles of the stomach, thereby improving gastrointestinal problems, such as stomach upsets, chronic gastritis, lack of appetite, indigestion, stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome and colic. Additionally, it helps in dissolving and removing mucus from the intestinal tract.

20. Good for Heart health

Thyme has good antispasmodic property which is helpful for treating heart ailments. Thyme works wonders for easing stressed arteries and veins, reducing blood pressure, and promoting good heart health. This helps to reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. strokes and prevent atherosclerosis.

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