Tips to organize your inbox

Email is one of the important aspect in effective time management. People often recourse to checking emails when they are unsure of what to do next, or when struck over some difficult situation. If you don’t think so then, spend a day  tabulating how often you open your email inbox. I am sure, it’s almost certainly more than you think. Pay particular attention to the times when you are juggling your mind and find yourself struck on some work, and you use emails as distraction.


It is always good to deal with emails in batches, because of mental energy lost during switching between the tasks plus it saves the time.
If you find yourself to this situation where emails are taking a lot of your precious time then try following:
  • Keep your inbox closed so that any new mail notifications don’t pop up and distracts your mind while you are busy doing something important.
  • Check your emails only at certain times ( once an hour, then once every two hours).
  • Flag non-urgent messages to deal with the next day. Then answer them all at once.
  • Create template emails for most common messages, or with basic information about your company’s product or services.
  • Set up filters to automatically store newsletters, notifications and other regular incoming emails in a separate mailbox.
  • Set up an automatic reply to particular set of  messages which act as acknowledgement email template and gives you time to respond.


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