Tired of busyness

 Most people are constantly busy day in and day out. Their day begins from the moment they turn off the morning alarm, and lasts til the point of extreme exhaustion. Often feels like there are not enough hours in a day to wind up the work activities.
Complaints from the family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend at being so busy all the time are becoming part of busy life. Unable to take some time out for your children to create quality experiences, no time to attend parent-teacher meeting to understand your child’s performance at school, no personal life, working endlessly on weekends too and so on. 
Being busy has become a modern disease. Majority of the population is under particular pressure from the media, which promotes the myth of “super-human.” We think we should be able to do everything, without admitting how stressed, rushed or upset we feel.
I reckon busyness is just one of those bad habits that we fall into easily and then it’s really hard to get out. Life is meant to live happy together with family and friends. It’s worthless to gain a bit of promotion in professional life at deep costs to your relationships with family especially when it is possible to carry along both things in perfect harmony. Now is the time to give yourself a favor and also your family, the beloved ones – It’s time to get out of the busyness trap.
  • One of the most obvious thing which we fail to do and also makes the first step to cut that busyness trap is quitting some commitments. How many of us can actually do this? Most of us are over committed.  Just because you took up some task in the past, doesn’t mean that you have to continue doing that through out your life. One of the best ways to free the time is cut down the number of activities you are involved in. Maximum benefits of commitment is attained when they are kept at minimum.
  • Try taking 2 minutes out before you go to sleep at night. Just grab your diary or sticky notes whatever and quickly plan out your next day schedule. Key point is to focus on the main priority for tomorrow that you want to achieve. Now, when you go to the work next morning you are focused on what you need to achieve during the day and make it all worthwhile.
  • There are times when you have commitments that you cannot simply ignore, and feel like you are struck where no amount of planning or prioritizing is going to give you enough time to get all the important tasks done. The important tasks could be related to your work, family responsibilities, finances, health problem and so on. REMEMBER – you have to reach out for the help,and remember that  there is nothing wrong with asking help. At the end of the day, we are not super-human after-all. People fear that if they ask for help then they will be seen as weak. They started getting worried that people will think that they can’t cope. Let me tell you one thing why can’t you try to see the bright side of this situation  Yes, asking help is a strength which shows that you acknowledge the fact that how important it is to work with others in order to reach your goals, and like wise help others to reach theirs too. For instance,at work, don’t hesitate to explain to your boss that in order to complete your current workload to high standard you need another hand or need to delegate some of the tasks.
  • If you are the person who automatically say “yes” when you are asked to do a favor for a friend or at work. The reason of that automatic “yes”, can be your politeness or the matter of the fact that you want to please somebody. If you often felt regret of saying that “yes” or think that ” I wish i hadn’t agreed upon that”, then it is the time to say no. 

    Learn to say “no”. In some situations, it might mean becoming more self-confident and assertive . The easiest way is to say no to all requests without stating any reason. Don’t make excuses and when you are forced to state a reason for saying “no” just say something like, “I am very busy right now, and i can’t take on anything new”. Remember not to make it an emotional combat. Just say a clear no and hold onto it.


Now is the time to give same respect to yourself that you give to others. Appreciate that you need personal time to relax, to have fun without any hassle on to the next, just enjoy the present moment.