Healthy bitter gourd garlic recipe


Ingredients required:

Bitter gourd :3 pieces

Your preferred type of Cooking Oil : right amount

Black pepper: 1tsp

Salt : as per taste

Garlic : as per required

honey : little, as per taste (optional)

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How to make Healthy bitter gourd garlic recipe?


Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients: bitter melon, garlic, black pepper.

Step 2: Cut bitter gourd into side strips, and peel of  the garlic.

Step 3: Pour cooking oil in the right amount in the hot pan, add the garlic and let it tempeh for best taste.

Step 4: Add bitter gourd strips to another pan, with little cooking oil.

Step 5: Stir fry until cooked.

Step 6: Add tempeh saute garlic in to the stir fried bitter gourd.

Step 7: Add a little water and boil until bitter gourd soften, transferred amount of salt and honey, and pepper. Turn off after 3 minutes and let it cooked in the steam.

Cooking tips:

In order to reduce bitterness of the bitter melon, add little sugar or honey, while frying.

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