Healthy Stir fried egg cucumber recipe


Ingredients Required:

Organic Cucumber : 200 gm

Egg : 2 nos.

Cooking oil/ coconut oil: right amount

Salt : as per taste

Onion : 1

Minced fresh ginger : a little

Dried herb seasoning : right amount


How to make fried egg and cucumber healthy recipe at home? 


Step 1. Gather the main ingredients of  this recipe are cucumber, and eggs.

Step 2. Wash and cut cucumber into the slices, beat the eggs.

Step 3. Add cooking oil into the hot pan, and pour  beaten eggs mixture.  Stir fry a t lows flame.

Step 4. Add little oil in to the another hot pan . Add onion, and minced ginger.

Step 5. Add cucumber in to it and stir fry for 2 minutes. Add egg stir fry in to it and stir for some more time. Then add salt, and herbal seasoning. Stir for another 1 minute and serve.

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