Treat Insomnia with acupressure points

Long term effect of insomnia, can lead to

  • decrease in daily performance or alertness
  • increases hunger for salty and fatty acid food which will in turn make you gain weight
  • reduces leptin production and increases appetite
  • memory-loss
  • depression
  • headaches
  • low immunity which increase chances of cold, flue or other illness
  • increases risk of heart attacks
  • high blood pressure

One of the way to relax body, mind and to get good sleep is with acupressure. The acupressure points are pressed with thumb and other fingers. The pressure applied on these point has to be bearable not too light nor too hard.


For acupressure points

  • ear : knead the ear with thumbs pressed for about 3 minutes.before going to sleep. This can be done in any position either sitting or lying on bed. While pressing points, let your body relax.

  • hand: with deep breath in press the acupressure point on left hand 10 times, exhale and repeat for right hand. Do this alternate pressing of these points 3 times or till you feel sleepy. 
  • Do neck stretching exercises. 
  • Include tryptophan rich food like tuna, turkey, yoghurt, milk, grapefruit, banana
  • Melatonin is know as natural sleep enhancer hence include food rich in it like oats, banana 
  • Take bath one and half hour prior to sleep
  • Turn off the all distraction (television, computer etc) an hour before sleeping
  • Maintain the same sleep schedule daily to establish circadian rhythm 
  • Avoid drinking tea/ coffee or other stimulant at night
  • Drink turmeric tea at night