Try celery yogurt mask at home for whitening brightening skin

Ingredients required

Celery Leaves – handful

Plain yogurt – 3 tsp

How to prepare this mask?

1. Cut the washed celery leaves into smaller sections. Put it into the blender and blend till fine paste.

2. Add yogurt, stir in the celery paste.

How to use this face mask?

After cleansing, and a stem towel method, then apply this mask on the face. Leave it for 20 minutes  then wash with water.

Suitable skin types: normal to dry skin

Beauty benefits of this mask

Celery is rich in of the ingredients that inhibit melanin growth. It helps to promote skin whitening and brightening effect. It helps to remove dark spots or patches from the skin. After effect of this face mask will be bright and clean, soft moisturized skin.


whitening face mask at home