Try potato face mask for blemish free skin at home

Ingredients  required: 

1 small potato

Organic honey –  1/2 tsp

How to prepare potato mask?

1. Cut small pieces of washed, peeled potato. Place them in the blender and blend till it form smooth puree.

2. Add honey into the potato puree and mix thoroughly.

How to use this?

After cleansing, apply the mask with a mask brush directly on the face or other body parts. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash off with plain lukewarm water.

Suitable skin type:  all skin types

Beauty benefits of potato face mask

Potatoes are rich in B vitamins and vitamin C, have a good cleansing effect. It helps to make the dry skin soft and smooth. It also help to remove black spots and act as a natural treatment of skin eczema.

Honey helps to  moisturize the skin. The after effect of this mask over a period of time helps to make skin clean and blemish free.potato face mask for blemish free skin