Walking correct posture technique

Low muscle strength and muscle loss (sarcopenia) with aging can be treated by exercise. Strength training or resistance training can improve muscle strength and helpful in prevention and treatment of sarcopenia. But, not everybody enjoy strength training or resistance training workout exercises. Walking is one of the enjoyable and easy strength training alternative. The right way of walking helps to relax muscle against sarcopenia and won’t let your calf hurt. It also helps to improve overall blood circulation and helps to keeps body healthy.


walking right posture


Human strength reaches peak in 20’s, and then with increase in age, muscle mass and strength also decrease. After the 30’s, approximately 5% to 10% decline happen in a year. This muscle recession makes body easily prone to various unexpected diseases such as diabetes, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis and so on.

Three minutes brisk walking followed by normal walking helps to improve muscle strength, proven to be much better than ten thousand steps a day. After entering in to middle age , the sarcopenia should not be ignored. For effective result, the walking posture has to be right. Walking right way not only helps to burn fat, but improve to overall health and muscle strength, which helps people to live longer and look young.


1. 3 minutes brisk walk

walking right posture

Brisk walking can feel make you little tired,avoid been reluctant to it for effective result. Sustainability is the key. People with knee pain should slow down and walk carefully, over  the time muscles around the joint strength will  increase , can help to ease knee pain problem.


2. 3 minutes walking at normal speed

walking right posture


After three minutes of brisk walking, walk slowly back to normal speed for 3 minutes, then three minutes of brisk walking and so on.

Drink 200cc of any healthy rejuvenating drink or eat yogurt within 30 minutes to finish the road, which can speed up repair of damaged muscle tissue , but also amino acid in it increases the efficiency of workout.

walking right posture


Record 3 minutes to calculate the number of brisk walking done in a week, preferably more than 60 minutes can be accumulated.

Following this walking technique can improve muscle strength within a week. The best approach is measure at regular intervals on walking speed. If you walk the same distance in the past, it took less time than before, which is the evidence of increase in muscle strength. Implement this three minutes brisk walking followed by 3 minutes normal walking at regular interval, aid in weight loss and make you feel physically better. A year after the implementation of this walking technique can significantly improve strength and stamina, can prepare body for more challenge physical task like climbing and other sports. Motivate yourself by observing every little progress and sustained throughout this journey of being fit.